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For the surgical treatment of a lipedema, Lympho-Opt performs liposuction under the tumescent local anesthesia (TLA). This has already been done hundreds of times. In 1986, the Californian dermatologist Jeffrey Alan Klein introduced this method, and since then it has become the most popular method worldwide for the removal of fatty tissue. It offers a high level of safety and hardly strains the organism , as no general anesthesia (narcosis) is required.

"Tumescere" comes from the Latin and means "swelling". Prior to the liposuction, during TLA, up to two liters of saline solution per litre of fat that needs to be removed will be infused into the subcutaneous fatty tissue via small punctures. This tumescent liquid contains a local anesthetic and other additives. During exposure time (while the patient is covered with a blanket) the fat cells soak up the tumescent liquid and separate from each other ("dissection"). Lympho-Opt schedules a relatively long exposure time (more than an hour); this encourages the mixture of fat cells and the tumescent liquid becomes particularly thin; it can then be gently suctioned from the connective tissue.

Prior to the operation, the surgeon will mark out lines on the patient's body to indicate the treatment areas. During this procedure we prefer the patient to stand in an upright position, as the desired shape can only be planned precisely under the influence of gravity. Also prior to the surgery we photographically document the findings and sedate the patient, if necessary.

For the liposuction itself we use a hollow needle (cannula) of approximately 2 to 3 mm in diameter, which is connected to a suction pump via a hose. The cannula vibrates with 4,000 to 6,000 vibrations per minute. This way it suctions only the mixture of tumescent liquid and fat cells; the cords of the connective tissue, nerves, blood and lymph vessels are not affected due to their mechanical inertia. This makes the technique more tissue-conserving, reduces post-operative pain, favors a faster healing and leads to better cosmetic results.

During the operation, the surgeon occasionally asks the patient to change their body position, in order to ensure an optimal suction result. Since no general anesthesia is used, the natural muscle tone is present and the surgeon can realistically assess certain body contours. During the procedure the surgeon manually moves the cannula back and forth, in order to reduce the fat depots as evenly as possible, thus avoiding any indents or asymmetries appearing after the surgery. The other hand is used for guidance and control. Lympho-Opt leads the suction cannula parallel to the lymphatic channels, always in accordance with the anatomy of the lymphatic system. This way the risk of damaging the lymphatic vessels is kept to an absolute minimum.

The PLUS of a liposuction, performed at Lympho-Opt:
The follow-up

Immediately after the liposuction, a physiotherapist will use a special draining technique to channel additional tumescent liquid through the injection sites. With this procedure very little anesthetic reaches the bloodstream and toxic stress can be reduced to a minimum. After the drainage, the patient is fitted with a lymphological compression bandage.

The patients’ post-treatment includes a light and high-quality diet, daily manual lymph drainage, lymphologic compression bandaging and intermittent pneumatic compression (Lympha press). Daily outdoor exercises complement the postoperative treatment.

Patients who have undergone the liposuction PLUS will stay t at the therapy center Hirschbach for several days of intensive care. This way we can guarantee a high degree of safety and well-being and also create the best preconditions for a surgical result that is optimally aesthetic.

Some tumescent liquid remains in the tissue, even after surgery and will drain off through the injection sites for some days, together with secretions. For this reasons patients will wear absorbent dressing material underneath the compression for the first days; dressings will be changed regularly. Furthermore patients might experience postoperative pain or suffer from circulatory problems. When removing the compression to change the dressing material, the blood pressure might drop and the patient might lose consciousness for a short while! In addition, fluid retentions in the suctioned areas or post-traumatic edemas might occur.

In order to avoid such inconveniences and hazards, Lympho-Opt offers a unique and reliable postoperative treatment. It ensures a faster and less painful healing of the wound surfaces in the tissue, perfect skin tightness without scars, a solid stabilization of circulation and metabolism as well as a better modeling of the body shape. This way our patients are able to return home in the best possible shape.

A further PLUS Lympho-Opt has to offer:
The Lipokavitation

This is a non-invasive method (without opening the skin) for reducing smaller fat volumes by means of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). This liquifies the triglycerides in the fat cells due to blistering. As a result, the blisters implode and destroy the cell walls; the liquid triglycerides are released and carried away via the lymphatic vessels. This method is absolutely painless and used for treating small lipedema or for a fine correction after liposuction, if necessary.

Important Notes:

Liposuction is totally unsuitable for weight loss!

We at Lympho-Opt use the liposuction exclusively for the treatment of lymphedema or for reducing the size of secondary lymphedema.

Unfortunately we cannot exclude the recurrence of a lipedema after liposuction with absolute certainty. We have, however, monitored patients over a period of more than 14 years and there has been no increased tendency towards swelling or lipedema. In all cases the pain associated with pressure was reduced or even eliminated. Patients, undergoing Liposuction PLUS rarely need a lymphatic drainage or compression care afterwards. And the consistently positive "side-effect" is an aesthetic body shape.
Marking before Liposuction


Liposuction - Exposure time

Exposure time

Liposuction - Soaking up

Soaking up



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