Lympho-Opt Therapy Center Hirschbach

The Lympho-Opt therapy center at Hirschbach is an outpatient therapeutical facility that offers hotel-style accommodation. Here, patients with lymphedema, lipedema or related symptoms and/or overweight receive all treatments a lymphological specialist clinic has to offer, surrounded by an atmosphere of wellness. This innovative medical service offer ("1 plus 51 therapy") is mainly suitable for

Those costs for accommodation and treatments will not be accepted and taken over by the statutory health insurances. Privately insured patients will receive an invoice for their therapies which they can forward to their insurance.

The Lympho-Opt therapy center is located approximately 40 km east of Nuremberg, in the idyllic Hirschbachtal which belongs to the natural preserve "Franconian Switzerland / Veldensteiner Forst". Amongst nature lovers from all over Germany it is considered a gem. Here you can still find many rare plants, such as the lady's slipper and other native species of orchids, blue gentians, pasque flowers or dwarf orchids. It is truly a piece of the Garden of Eden here on earth, with its own unique charm at all seasons.
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View of the garden

Zoom view  View of the garden


Zoom view  Conservatory

Dining hall

Zoom view  Dining hall

Patient’s room

Zoom view  Patient’s room

View from the balcony

Zoom view  View from the balcony

Examination room, Therapy Room

Zoom view  Examination room

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Specialist Clinic for Lymphology

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Lympho-Opt Therapy Center Hirschbach

Diseases that are treated at the therapy center Hirschbach:

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Introduction of the therapy center Hirschbach:


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