The Therapy Center,
Situated in the Idyllic Hirschbachtal

The Hirschbachtal is located in the middle of the Hersbrucker Alb, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Germany. Beautiful hiking trails directly lead along the therapy center. Only a short drive away (either by car or by bus) you will find extensive nature reserves and the town of hersbruck - the first "Slow City" in Germany - with its medieval old town and the large thermal spa.

More than 200 km of easy and well-marked hiking trails invite you to admire the natural beauty of the Hirschbachtal.

Diseases that are treated at Lympho-Opt

Specialist Clinic for Lymphology

Diseases that are treated at the specialist clinic:

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Lympho-Opt Therapy Center Hirschbach

Diseases that are treated at the therapy center Hirschbach:

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Introduction of the therapy center Hirschbach:


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