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According to Social Code Book V(SGB V), each person with a statutory health insurance is entitled to an inpatient rehabilitation, colloquially called "rehab" or "treatment". This applies to all cases where the outpatient treatment does not sufficiently prevent the disease or a deterioration of it. A rehab can only be granted once every four years, unless medical reasons urgently require an early rehabilitation. A rehab usually takes about three weeks, however, may be prolonged upon request.

So much for theory. Chronically ill patients who have already undergone the process of rehab-application and authorization know about the practice. On the other hand it also happens that someone who needs a rehab for health reasons cannot or does not want to take it. This specially applies to employees who fear for their jobs if they take additional time off for a treatment, in addition to their statutory annual leave, or for people who cannot stay away from home for three or four weeks due to personal reasons.

Thus chronically ill people run the risk that their health increasingly worsens, and eventually they reach the point where an inpatient stay at a rehabilitation facility becomes mandatory. By then, quite often their condition is already pretty far advanced and they may already be suffering from secondary diseases .

In order to resolve the dilemma "necessity of rehab versus obstacles", Lympho-Opt offers the right balance between inpatient and outpatient rehabs; this has been available since 2004. The two key concepts are: "successful treatment during the first week" and "short intervals between treatments". Each rehab physician knows that the greatest treatment success is achieved during the first week of the rehab. Our "1 plus 51 therapy" follows this principle: One health week at the therapy center Hirschbach plus 51 weeks at home per year. Though the cure success of this health week cannot compare with the one a patient could achieve with a rehab that lasts several weeks, there is no waiting for another 4 years till the next stay is granted (with the corresponding deterioration of the health condition). For illustration:

successful treatment

The 1 plus 51 therapy helps you to permanently keep your health condition and well-being in the green range. The therapy center Hirschbach, located in the idyllic Hirschbachtal, provides all treatments a lymphological specialist clinic has to offer, combined with an atmosphere of wellbeing. You can easily include this health week in your normal holiday schedule.

The health week comprises seven days and always starts and ends on a Saturday. All services have to be paid directly by the patient and include full board and single occupancy of a double room (an accompanying person in the same room is welcome). We do not require any medical referrals (prescriptions); all applications are included in the total price and privately insured patients will receive a bill for their therapies which they can forward to their insurance company. Prices vary, depending on the season. For detailed information (including special offers) please call the following telephone number: +49 9152 – 92 88 140.
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