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The Lympho-Opt Clinic is one of the few lymphology clinics worldwide. It is a private hospital, however, due to supply contracts with statutory health insurances, in accordance with § 111 of Social Code V as well as occupancy agreements with annuity insurances, in accordance with § 21 SGB IX, it can admit patients for medical rehabilitation (cures).

If you want to apply for a rehab, please contact your health or annuity insurance.

Privately insured patients can be hospitalized for acute clinical treatment, if they own a referral from their general practitioner, which has been pre-approved by their health insurance. Of course also privately insured individuals can apply at Lympho-Opt for an in-patient rehab (cure). According to § 6 and § 7 BHV, Lympho-Opt is an eligible clinic.

The Lympho-Opt Clinic was founded in Vorra, Middle Franconia in 1992 and moved to new premises in Pommelsbrunn-Hohenstadt in October 1998. It is a specialist clinic with focus on lymphology, and offers single as well as double rooms. Thanks to its comprehensible size and an intensive and personal care environment our patients can retain their personal freedom while staying at the hospital. Prior to admission, all wishes and needs on both sides - patient as well as physician – will be clarified.

Our staff is always at disposal for any patient-related questions. The statement "Sorry, I don't have time for you right now" does not exist at our clinic. This also applies for the relationship between employees and clinic management. We foster a very open and trusting relationship with each other, as only a balanced mixture of individual commitment and team spirit helps to keep up and steadily continue the improvement process.

Feel free to bring along an accompanying person, either for individual days or the entire period of your stay. This only needs to be booked in advance. The rate for your companion is EUR 65.-- per day, which includes overnight accommodation and full board. Your companion is welcome to participate in the courses we offer, such as Nordic walking, Zumba, Yoga, knitting, etc.

By default, our patients are granted a single room (depending on the agreement with health insurances, also accommodation in double rooms might be possible)..
As one of the first German lymph clinics, Lympho-Opt was certified on April 7th, 2001, according to ISO 9001:2000 and is now subject to an annual surveillance audit.
The last recertification took place in 2010, according to ISO 9001:2008.

It was furthermore awarded the quality seal of the Association of Private Hospitals (VPKA) for medical rehabilitation, as well as the quality seal of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.

Certified according to ISO 9001 / 2008Certified according to the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation (BAR)
Therapy Weeks 
take place at the beautiful therapy center in Hirschbach. 

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Doctor Schingale

Dr. med. Franz-Josef Schingale
Medical Director

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Specialist Clinic for Lymphology

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