Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDP)

The treatment of chronic lymph drainage disturbances aims to normalize or at least improve the lymphatic transport. The intention is to achieve a sustained alleviation of discomfort and to counteract an increase of the clinical picture and the emergence of associated and secondary diseases.

The guidelines of the Society of German-Speaking Lymphologists (DGL) have set the following therapeutic goals:

In order to achieve these aims, the complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) has proved to be particularly effective. The "classic" form of the CDP consists of the following therapeutic components:

1. Skin care
2. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)
3. Compression therapy (Bandaging or supply with flat-knit products)
4. Exercise

Lympho-Opt has added the following two elements:

5. Proper nutrition
6. The patient's self-motivation

1. Skin care

This term summarizes all measures to prevent and/or treat skin diseases and damages which affect its barrier function. We focus on the restoration and stabilization of an adequate moisture and lipid content of the skin, on protection against or treatment of infections due to bacteria or fungi respectively stasis dermatitis.

2. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

The MLD is a gentle massage technique to increase the formation of lymph and its flow. It is typically performed by physiotherapists who are trained for and certified and licensed for this specific method. The efficiency of a manual lymph drainage highly depends on the anatomical and pathophysiological knowledge of the physiotherapists.

3. Compression therapy

A compression therapy is carried out during the decongestion phase by using special bandages. Those bandages are changed daily and always adjust to the current size of the edema. Once the edema cannot be reduced any further, the compression therapy changes and flat-knit compression aids (maintenance phase) are used instead. The compression should be worn every day, except for nights.

The intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (IPC) - also called apparative intermittent compression (AIC) - has proven itself effective as a complementary measure in the clinical, the outpatient as well as the the domestic area. For this kind of therapy Lympho-Opt only uses special devices, consisting of 12 chambers (Lympha Press).

The compression therapy increases the pressure in the interstitial tissue and thus simultaneously fulfills a variety of functions:

4. Exercise

Exercise under compression activates the muscle and joint pump. This intensifies the outflow of lymphatic fluids as well as the return of venous blood to the heart. It is therefore important that patients with chronic lymph drainage disturbances learn certain exercises that promote decongestion and perform them several times a day (also at their workplace). A physical therapy and exercises are not only highly effective decongestive measures; besides that they also positvely impact the general health condition and the mind. Plus: They can be supported by certain respiratory therapies.

5. and 6. Nutrition and patient's self-motivation

Lympho-Opt offers various measures to help patients change their eating habits as well as increase motivation, self-confidence and joie de vivre.

The CPT is a 2-phase therapy

Phase I - the phase of decongestion - aims to achieve the mobilization of the congestive high-protein edema fluid and initiates - if present - the reduction of increased connective tissue. Those applications must be highly dosed which often requires an inpatient stay.

Phase II - the maintenance phase - serves for optimizing and preserving the achieved therapeutic success. It is included into the patient's daily life. The application dosage depends on the severity of the clinical picture.
Skin care

Skin care with Microvase Gel

lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage

bandaging of leg

Compression therapy
bandaging of leg

flat-knit for leg

Compression therapy
flat-knit for leg

flat-knit for arm

Compression therapy
flat-knit for arm

pneumatic compression

Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (IPC)

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