Advanced Instrument-based and Other Therapies

Apart from the complete decongestive physiotherapy (CPT), the Lympho-Opt clinic also uses further different advanced therapies – partly instrument-based.


Here, during manual lymph drainage the hands of a therapist create a depth oscillation in the tissue due to pulsed electrostatic fields. This promotes the lymph transport, improves the metabolism in the tissues, eases pain (particularly important for lipedema!) and loosens hardenings.


To our knowledge, Lympho-Opt is the only clinic that offers this kind of therapy in Germany. During the therapy, sound waves are being sent into the body sites which require treatment. Hardenings in the tissue are loosened, lymphatic flow is supported, supply of tissue with nutrients and oxygen is improved, regeneration of inner tissue of the blood and lymph vessels is facilitated and many other beneficial effects can be achieved by resonance (mechanical resonance of molecules and cells).

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC)

This form of therapy – which is also called apparative intermittent compression (AIC) – has been a part of anti-edema therapy for many years and is being used for almost all forms of edema. A variety of different types of devices and device quality are available, however, at Lympho-Opt we only use special 12-chamber device systems (Lympha Press). Their treatment sleeves are adjustable, contain up to 24 overlapping air chambers and are put around the extremities (arm and leg sleeves) or the upper or lower body (pants or jacket), respectively.

A control unit fills the air chambers in a sequential order and in a time- and pressure- controlled cycle, which generates a dynamic pressure wave from the extremities working inwards. Once all the air chambers are filled, their simultaneous venting starts. Then the whole process starts from anew. The air chambers, which are arranged in such way that they are overlapping each other, ensure a seamless decongestion. This form of therapy is very gentle and efficient, which is proven by numerous studies and follow-ups.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

This is a painless destruction of fat cells without surgery, only through ultrasound HIFU (high intensive focalized ultrasound). Only suitable for small fat deposits or to optimize liposuction results. The fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue burst due to the high energy of the ultrasound, and their content which has been released is then removed via the lymphatic vessels. The results are visible and measurable.

Infrared Sauna

This treatment is done through long-wave light rays that penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue and cause a “meltdown” of body fat and an intensification of the micro circulation. The latter is used to improve the supply and detoxification of the tissue, which results in a strengthening of the immune system.

Soft Laser Radiation (low level laser therapy)

Soft laser treatment is a technologically advanced, alternative medical method which Lympho-Opt uses for wound and pain treatment. A light diode laser generates a homogeneous light ray with a particular frequency. This light ray is pointed at the tissue which requires treatment, where it dries persistent wounds (Ulcus cruris etc.), stimulates blood circulation and has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

The soft laser treatment is completely safe and painless. The laser beam penetrates the subcutaneous layers of the skin and stimulates the metabolism of the tissue. This improves the regeneration of cells, strengthens the immune system, supports cell division and activates certain defense mechanisms.

During this treatment, sore or aching parts of the body are extensively irradiated, however, it is also possible to treat acupuncture points in a targeted way. So far, the efficacy of the soft laser treatment is only scientifically proven in arm lymphedema. However, systematic observations which have been conducted in patients at the Lympho-Opt clinic for many years, clearly show a positive effect of this form of therapy.

CO2 Fumigation

The CO2 fumigation is used to improve the supply of the tissue with oxygen. During this treatment the body is outwitted by a harmless trick. The limb which is to be treated or even the whole body (except for the head) is put into an airtight plastic sleeve or suit, which is closed with a hook and loop fastener and then filled with CO2 gas (carbon dioxide). The CO2 gas molecules are absorbed by the pores of the skin and accumulated in the tissue. The body interprets the high CO2 concentration as an oxygen deficiency and reacts with an increased blood flow and oxygen supply from the arteries into the tissue. Through this method we achieve a highly intensity oxygen concentration.

The effect is that the capillaries and precapillary arterioles are expanded, which improves the micro circulation of the blood, intensifies the oxygen utilization in the tissue and inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This has an anti-inflammatory effect, eases pain and itching and promotes detoxification, purification and deacidification of the tissue which, as a result, improves the general condition and fitness of the patient.

Ozone Fumigation

Open wounds which may occur in connection with venous disorders and lymphedema are fumigated with ozone at the Lympho-Opt clinic. This aggressive gas kills bacteria – even MRSA and other highly resistant pathogens. As a result we achieve a quick healing of persistent wounds.

In Ulcus cruris patients we initially fumigate patients with ozone, in order to destroy germs. Subsequently the blood circulation is improved by fumigation with carbon dioxide. By means of this combination Lympho-Opt achieves successes in the treatment of severe chronic venous insufficiencies (CVI) which are often not considered possible.

Magnetic Field Therapy

This alternative medical therapy is used at Lympho-Opt to support various other treatment methods. This therapy exposes patients (fully or partially) to pulsating magnetic fields with different frequencies, intensities and stimulus sequences. Though the effect of this type of treatment is not yet clearly scientifically proven, we observe an improved “efficacy” of the accompanying treatments as well as an increase of the subjective well-being in many patients in our clinic.
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Flowave Therapy

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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

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Soft Laser Radiation

Ozone Fumigation

CO2 / Ozone Fumigation

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